The Moho Team

Moho Productions is a team of creative people dedicated to writing and producing the highest quality music for the artists that they work with. Everyone on the Moho team has actually been an artist at one point in their career. So, when they work with artists, they can relate and build a connection that inspires everyone to put forth the very best of their talents.

By working with some of the most incredible artists around, they have discovered that with the right direction and positive environment where creativity can flow freely…. magic happens in the music!

Brandon Jarrett

Brandon Jarrett

President, Producer, Songwriter, Composer

Brandon and Heidi created the very successful company, Moho Productions. Together they have worked for directors and producers with television shows and movies on ABC Family, Disney Channel, Lifetime, Nickelodeon, Hallmark, ION Channel and Disney XD.

Brandon has produced records for stars like Amber Frank from “Haunted Hathaways”, Ashley Argota from “The Fosters” and Stephanie Scott from “Ant Farm”.  He has produced and written over 500 songs in his catalog and had dozens of songs featured in movies and television shows airing in the U.S. and around the world. The music that he has produced and written can be heard on MTV, Bravo, Lifetime, NBC, Hallmark, TLC just to name a few. His versatility in being able to produce the most tender singer/songwriter style tracks to hard, beat driven EDM tracks, is unparalleled. Also, his ability to create a new fresh sound is unlike anyone else. From the arrangement of the song and sound of the vocals to the mix, you won’t find this sound anywhere else.

Brandon has also composed music scores for over 20 movies in the last 5 years. Many of the artists songs that he has produced, have been featured in those movies and had national exposure in front of Millions of viewers!

Brandon has assembled a team of writers, mix engineers and mastering engineers that are unmatched in their talent and dedication to their craft and the artist.

With a state of the art Pro Tools HD studio and the ability to run Cue Base, Digital Performer and Logic, delivery for projects can be made in any platform.

It is Brandon’s passion to provide a positive environment for recording artists to express their creativity and bring their music to life!

To read more about Brandon and listen to movie scores that he has created, click the link below:


Heidi Jarrett

Heidi Jarrett

Vice President, Choreographer

Heidi has worked with such greats as: Seal, Christina Aguilera, Carman & Bridget Fonda, Ashley Argota, Kyle Massey, Madison Pettis, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Coco Jones, Lesley Ann Warren, Tiffany Thornton, Sterling knight, Brandon Mychal Smith, Doug Brochu, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Damian Haas, Shayne Topp, Audrey Whitby, Bridget Shergalis, and Grace Bannon.

Heidi has choreographed for the DISNEY TV series’ “CRASH AND BERNSTEIN”, “SO RANDOM!”, “Cory in the House”, “The Power Rangers”, “Extra”,” Entertainment Tonight,” and venues such as the: The House of Blues, The Shrine Auditorium, The Greek Theatre and Legends in Concert.

Heidi’s expertise in choreographing and developing a style appropriate for each individual artist is what gives her choreography it’s unique cutting edge look and feel.

Darryl Retter

Darryl Retter

Partner, Songwriter, Choreographer

Darryl is an accomplished performer, choreographer, and business owner. His focus has always been to partner with young artists in developing their potential. His song writing reflects this and is what brings the fresh, innovative style to the music that he creates.


Craig Raymo

Craig Raymo

Partner, Music Supervisor, Songwriter, Artist

Craig Raymo, aka Craymo, is the Director of Music Publishing for Moho Productions. Craig has a great ear for music. He takes care of our publishing and music licensing departments and has been very successful placing songs in TV shows and feature films. His success in television and film includes placements on shows like: The Mysteries Of Laura (NBC), Parental Control (MTV), Extreme Clutter (OWN), Dance Moms (Lifetime), Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC), Spotless (UK),The Orlando Citrus Parade (SYND), Chris and John To The Rescue (Canada), Lucky Dog (Feature film)…. and many, many more!

When we are finished producing a new artists EP, Craig works hard to pitch their songs to television and film projects for placements.

Thommie Retter

Thommie Retter

Partner, Songwriter, Producer, Choreographer

Thommie’s experience as a teacher, choreographer and Broadway star gives an artist the insight and tools needed to showcase their talents in a variety of environments.

Thommie’s ability to train all levels of performers and travel the globe doing so has enabled him to discover some of Moho Productions top artists. Not only does he have an eye & ear for great talent, he also has the heart to create just the right lyrics for each individual artist.

Joshua Hershield

Joshua Hershield


Joshua Daniel Hershfield is a songwriter, guitarist, singer, and producer. His songs can be heard in numerous movies and TV shows airing in the United States, the U.K., and across Europe. He writes for various artists including Tatum Sheets, Mykel, Taylor Fanto, Sheryl M, Kierra, LE Kepple, and Craymo all of whom can be found on iTunes and all major distributors.

His work has been nominated for Best Pop Song in the Hollywood Music Awards and the World Wide Music Awards. His self-performed single, “Leave With Me,” was a semifinalist in the Song Of The Year Competition, and its accompanying music video was featured at the Bare Bones Film Festival and the San Diego Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Video and won Best Cinematography.

He has performed nationally and internationally, including sold-out concerts at LA clubs Amplyfi and Genghis Cohen, and was a featured guest performer on the French TV show “U-Live.”

A life-long martial artist, he is a master of Soo Bahk Do, a Korean form of martial arts, and was the 2016 US National Moo Duk Kwan Tournament bronze medalist.

He holds a degree in Music and Environmental Studies from Antioch College.