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Producing an Album or Single

pre-production_meetingPre-Production Meeting

Our first meeting will entail us getting to know the artist and getting a clear vision of what the artists musical style is. We will talk about production sounds, style and arrangements for the artists songs. Some artists tracks will be produced electronically in the studio, while others will need all live musicians to capture the sound that they are looking for. And some will need a combination of both. Then we will talk about time lines, budget and put a schedule together to begin their record.


The next meeting will be in the studio to either start working on writing material from scratch for the artist or meeting to listen to songs that the artist has written. If we are writing from scratch, we can bring in songwriters that we have worked with to help write the perfect songs for the artist. If the artist has their songs already written, we will go right to work on the arrangement and decide on what sound best suites the song.

music_productionMusic Production

We meet again in the studio and start building the track. If it is all live, we meet with the musicians and engineer in the studio, get all of the instruments sounds dialed in and get to work recording. If we are incorporating electronic production, the artist will meet with the producer in the studio and they will start building the track, i.e.: drums, bass synths, strings, keyboards. And if live instruments are to be added to the electronic production, the musicians will be booked to come in and record their parts after the track has been built.

vocal_recordingVocal Recording

After the track for the song has been built, we will meet at the producers studio and rehearse lead vocals and work out background vocal arrangements. If needed, the artist can then take a few days and work with their vocal coach on the song. If the artist would like to work with a vocal coach, but does not have one, we can recommend one of the coaches that we have worked with extensively. The artist will then go into the studio and start recording lead and background vocals. We will find the best mic and mic pre combination to suite the artists voice and go to work.


After all of the components of the song are recorded, it is time for the mix. This is where the song comes together and the ears of an expert mix engineer, makes the song sound like a record. Depending on the songwriting process chosen, the song can be mixed by either the producer or by a designated mix engineer. We also have a list of the finest mix engineers in Los Angeles available to the artist. Most of our productions are being created and produced in Pro Tools, but we can deliver in almost any platform.


After the song is mixed and everyone is thrilled with the final outcome, we send the song to the Mastering Engineer. This is the last process to get the song ready for release in iTunes or any other digital distribution method. We send our music to Stephen Marsh Mastering. He is one of the industries finest Mastering Engineers and his work brings out the best in every record.

Post Album Production Services:

Music Video Choreography

If you want to take your song and get it to the masses via YouTube or another visual medium, we have the choreographers that can help you to perform, stage and prepare your performance for the highest level. Our choreographers can also connect you with video directors that can help you to produce your music video.

More Resources!

Here are a list of Industry Professionals that we recommend to artists frequently. These people are independent contractors that we work with regularly and are in the top of their field.

Vocal Coaches:

If an artist is preparing a new song for a recording session or performance and wants to bring their performance to the level of excellence, a great vocal coach is an invaluable asset. The vocal coaches listed on this page are highly recommended by the MP Team to any recording artist looking to perfect their craft.

Dawn Walters

Dawn Walters

Vocal Coach

Dawn’s clients come from all over the Country. Dawn’s clients have worked on The Disney Channel, Hollywood Record Label, Nickelodeon, ABC Family, Broadway, American Idol top 100, National Tours, Dodgers, Lakers and Kings Games National Anthem Regulars, The Roxy, Feature Films & National Commercials and thousands of Regional and Community Theater Productions. She has had students accepted into top Musical Theater Programs around the Country and The USC Popular Music Program.

Dawn loves teaching and watching her students hard work pay off and watching them soar to new levels. Whether you are a beginner or a long time professional singer, she believes she can help anyone who has the passion and love for singing succeed to their ultimate goal!

Read more about Dawn here:

Carolyn Douras

Carolyn Douras

Vocal Coach

With all of her performance savvy, the entertainment industry calls on Carolyn as a renowned vocal, dialect and voiceover coach to train actors, singers and celebrities from film and television, including, “Disney,” “Nickelodeon,” “A Christmas Carol,” “Beethoven,” “Snow Buddies,” “The Bill Engvall Show,” “90210,” “Glee” and “American Idol.” She is the owner of Vocal Image in Burbank, California and has worked with Sony/BMG developing artists for recording contracts and live performances throughout the US and Europe. She co-produced and starred in “The Hollywood Sisters,” show for Disney and is a judge for national music competitions. With a passion for training and promoting artists, Carolyn specializes in preparing singers and voice talents who are serious about succeeding in the entertainment industry. She believes that knowledge, training, passion and perseverance with the use of practical tools, help to create a professional.

Check out more about Carolyn by clicking the link below:

Nancy Jordan

Nancy Jordan

Vocal Coach

Nancy has students at some of the best collegiate/conservatory programs in the nation: Western Michigan, UCLA, Belmont (producing some of the most talented song writers in Nashville), Berklee, OCU (producing talent such as Kristen Chenoweth from “Wicked”), Brigham Yound University, AMDA (producing the talented Jesse Tyler Ferguson from “Modern Family”), and Columbia. So far 100% of her students have been accepted into their programs the first year.

Her students have gone on to perform in many productions including movies (one of which, “Snow”, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012), television (one of which recently appeared in “Criminal Minds”, Broadway shows “Mary Poppins”, “Hairspray”, “Grease”, “Wicked”, “Spelling Bee”, “Aida”, “Oklahoma”, “Les Miserable”, “The Addams Family”, and one that was the understudy in “Billy Elliot”.

Nancy also coached the youngest performers to make Hollywood week for “American Idol” and has students that have performed on “The Voice” and for the executive producers on “America’s Got Talent”. With social media making stars today, her students are active on Vine, FB and Instagram. One of her students, Kyle Thorn, is currently touring with Vine stars across the western Unites States.

Her greatest honor to date was having Tyne selected as one of the two female performers for “Michael Jackson’s” final tour.

Nancy continues to coach students in NY, LA and Nashville and has since relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah. In this move, she co-founded Arete. An organization that develops professional artists, produces international tours and connects these artists and their music with people around the world through social media strategies.

Nancy has a passion for music, but not just music. She wants every performer to use music for good. To inspire, uplift and assist others on this great journey we call life.

Mix and Mastering Engineers:

Mix and Mastering Engineers are a key element to anybody who wants a polished, high-end product. These engineers are top recommendations by Moho Productions! We work with them on a regular basis and their years of experience, engineering for some of the top recording artists and record labels in the music business, gives your project that well-crafted and polished sound!

Marc Greene

Marc Greene


Stephen Marsh

Stephen Marsh

Marsh Mastering is a top-tier, no compromises audio post-production, mastering and restoration facility with an outstanding reputation for quality work and supreme attention to detail. While we are able to work from any format, we specialize in bringing all things analog to all formats of digital. Top producers, composers, re-issue producers, managers, labels and a diverse cross section of major and independent artists from across the globe rely exclusively on Marsh Mastering for their stereo and multichannel commercial releases.