Brooke Aulani has always had a passion for music and singing. She began vocal training at age 12 and soon after committed her talents to the musical theatre stage where she landed many lead roles. After five years, a change of heart, and the realization that musical theatre wasn’t where her heart lay, she began pursuing her interest in contemporary music. Her mind, body, and soul have grown completely devoted to singing and songwriting.
Drawing inspiration from artists like Beyonce, Adele, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and Drake, she has been able to formulate her own unique sound. At only 17 years old, her distinct tone and quality of voice has definitely set her apart from the rest. She gained experience and knowledge having worked with Jimmy Jam and Daniel Beddingfield, and currently she is creating original material with Moho Productions and the talented Brandon Jarrett. She is excited to share her distinctive sound with the public!

Listen to this sample track of “Show You”:

Moho Involvement: Music Production, Song Writing