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Choreography  Services through Moho Productions

images-1**Our Choreography department, headed by Heidi Jarrett,  has worked extensively in the television & film industry.  Whether it’s sitcom, drama, or sketch comedy, Moho can custom cater just the right moves to match what you need for your project. Make sure to check out our choreography “you tube channel”, (Coming soon) to see some of the projects we’ve worked on.

**Moho Production’s choreographers can work with you to create Amazing Live Stage Shows!  Whether it’s in an intimate club setting, or at a large venue, Moho’s team can put it together for you!  We are hired independently to work with many shows around the globe.

**A music video helps bring your music to life!  Maybe you just need to move well with the beat, or perhaps you want a fully staged dance number.  Either way, Moho productions can answer that call!  Our choreographers can handle any style, from Hip-hop to Contemporary….Tap to Ballet.  We’ve got you covered!  Our Choreographers are  great “teachers” as well, which bigexpo2014makes a big difference when it comes to  the feel for your work environment.

**As an artist is on their journey, one of the most important things is that they learn to “move” well when they perform. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a “dancer”, you just need to be able to look natural and move comfortably while you’re singing.  Moho can help you find that groove, and shine onstage, as you were meant to do!

**Moho’s team of Choreographers all have vast experience with many styles of movement, and all types of entertainment venues.  Consider us for your next project!