Lifetime_LogoThe latest TV Movie scored by Brandon Jarrett of the Moho Productions team is set to premiereposter_357l on Lifetime on July 13th at 8pm! This suspense thriller starring Kip Pardue from “Remember the Titans”, Ashley Scott and Mekenna Melvin, will have you on the edge of your seat!

The Nightmare Nanny

Directed and produced  by Michael Feifer, “The Nightmare Nanny” is presented by

Marvista Entertainment and has worldwide Television distribution.


Kip Pardue
Ashley Scott

Mekenna Melvin

Nathan Parsons

Plot: Stay-home mom ANNIE is reluctant to return to work, until she finds AMBER, the perfect nanny for her 3-year-old daughter JENNY. But as Annie’s young daughter grows closer and closer to Amber, Annie begins to feel like she’s being pushed out of her own life. When Jenny suddenly vanishes one day, Annie’s search for her missing daughter leads her to the terrifying truth about the dark past of the woman she trusted with her child.

Moho Involvement: Brandon Jarrett, Composer