Music Placements

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Here are some of the music placements that the Moho Productions Publishing department has achieved!

Some of our Film Placements:




Gabe The Cupid Dog


Culture Shock


My Dogs Christmas Miracle


Diary Of An Ex Child Star


Super Southern Sweet Sixteen


Miss Castaway




Paper Thin Immortals




Some of our TV Placements:  


The Dog Who Saved Christmas(ABC Family),


A Nanny For Christmas (Lifetime)


Extreme Clutter (OWN)


American Music Awards Live Red Carpet Show (ABC)


A Baby Story (TLC Network)


Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC)


Parental Control (MTV)


The X Games 14 (ESPN)


CBS Sports, Orlando Citrus Parade (SYND)


Sinbad’s Reality U (Pilot)


Debra (Canada)


Chris and John To The Rescue (Canada/Logo)




The Music Publishing department is headed by Craig Raymo. He has been very successful in making contacts with music supervisors, music publishers, producers and directors of television and film media to proliferate the music that is being produced through Moho Productions. Many of the artists that have produced music with Moho Productions have had their music placed in Television and film due to Craig’s efforts in licensing music!