Music Publishers and Supervisors

Music Publishing Companies are an extremely important part of Moho Productions ability to get finished music and songs licensed to television, film, DVD, Video Games and many other media platforms. Once we are finished producing a song for and artist, we want to help facilitate, in any way possible, the opportunity for the artist and us to generate revenue with the finished product.

We have developed good relationships with Music Publishers and Music Supervision Companies who’s sole job is to license songs and music to Television, Film and Commercial projects in all territories in the world.

There are more channels with programming than ever before and more markets than ever before. More television content means more need for music cues. That is where the relationships with Music Publishers are invaluable! There is nothing like making money from a song that you have already created, then receiving royalties over and over again for the reuse of that same song.

Here is a partial list of the Music Publishing Companies and Supervisors that
we have signed contracts with and/or had Television and Film placements through:

Four Jays Music


DL Music Publishing


Rinse the Sync


H Music


Noma Music


Hook Line and Sync