Indie Artist’s Video Makes Waves For Equality,

Anti-bullying And Peace

One Love One World (We Are One) by Craymo receives national distribution and is being featured in over 100 Barnes and Nobles music departments as well as over a hundred other retailers.


One Love Video Pic
One Love Video Pic

(Press Release) – May 10, 2012 –
Orlando, Florida, May 11, 2012. The music video One Love One World (We Are One) by indie artist Craymo has received national distribution. The video is being featured in over 100 Barnes and Noble music departments across the USA during the month of May.

One Love One World (We Are One) is a positive, uplifting song that promotes equality, tolerance, anti-bullying, civil rights and world peace. The song has been embraced by school teachers who have downloaded it, taught it to their students who then performed the song at their schools all across the USA, Canada, China and Australia. The original version is a featured download on the United Nations project UNESCO website

Brandon Jarrett, President of Moho Productions, LLC, who co-wrote and produced the song said: “when I heard Craymo sing this song for the first time, I knew what a powerful and important message this is.” Craymo, an openly gay singer/songwriter, was a victim of bullying and said “growing up different than other boys in school was hard because I wasn’t good at sports and I was a little effeminate. I got picked on and pushed around a lot. The increase in teen suicides in this country is very alarming, I want to do whatever I can to help. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where we would see each other as human beings first, how we are all the same in spite of our differences?”

One Love One World (We Are One) is part one of a two part music video and is directed by Nathan McMahan of August Moon Productions, Orlando, Florida. 

Other retail locations playing the video include Norwegian Cruise Lines, select Buffalo Wild Wings, Gold’s Gym, Saddle Ranch locations, Moose McGillicuddys, Trump Plaza and Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, The Mirage, Red Rock and Station Casinos in Las Vegas and hundreds of other retail outlets. The music video can be viewed at

Craymo is also currently a finalist for Best International Song in the 2012 Australian Music Oz Awards.

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Craig Raymo, Director of Publishing

Moho Productions, LLC