Talina-Home-Page-Photo-2013-2Talina has taken a stand against bullying, writing and recording her message for fellow students.

Talina Toscano’s latest, “Just Be Nice”, has risen to No. 1 on the Independent Music Network.

The 14-year-old has been spreading more than an anti-bullying message through her music. The song is included in her It’s OK to be Different program that raises autism awareness and acceptance.

“Students learn that it does not make a difference if you are perceived to be different — you can still succeed, make friends and thrive,” she says.

After a recent anti-bullying presentation, Sloatsburg Elementary School Principal Eric Baird said, “Talina is a remarkable student and a very positive role model who conveys the message that you can overcome obstacles and become successful.”

Talina has traveled the country singing and raising awareness about autism. She is autistic and said in a 2010 interview with The Journal News that she wants to be a role model.

She is a six-time IMN nominee and two-time winner; she took home the 2012 Mainstream Favorite Teen Artist Award.

Her website is www.talinaworld.com.

Take a listen to Talina’s latest dance single, “LOCA”!!!

Listen to this sample track of “Loca“: