Tatum CD Single Tatum Sheets just released two new singles to iTunes; “Hey Boy” & “Oxygen” today, January 23, 2013. In  an interview, Tatum said, “’Oxygen’ has got to be one of my favorite songs ever! It seems to touch  everyone that hears it.”

Tatum has had much success in theatre, touring on a National Tour of “Oz, the Musical” as Cadance and completed the role of Denise in “Smoke on the Mountain” last November. She is currently singing with Holly Avenue and will open as Denise in “Smoke on the Mountain, the Homecoming”, February 8, 2013.


Tatum continues to write and record with Brandon and Josh, excited and anxious to complete her first album. Tatum says,

“What an amazing blessing to get to work with such creative and talented people at MOHO Productions.”

The Moho Productions team feels the same about working with Tatum!

Listen to a clip of Tatum’s new song… “Oxygen”

Listen to this sample track of “Oxygen”: